Monday, 8 February 2016

A Political Voice of Reason Comes From the NDP Amid the "Love-In" Over the TPP.

While the Trudeau government has gone ahead and signed the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, there remains many uncertainties about what's in store for Canada.
The Harper government first negotiated this deal in secret. Now we have the Liberals agreeing to a deal that can'tbe renegotiated! Any concerns or changes raised in future consultations won't matter.
We do know that the TPP will:

- put thousands of good paying jobs at risk
- add hundreds of millions of dollars to already soaring drug costs in Canada
- handcuff Canadian innovators and creators by giving the United States the upper hand on intellectual property
- weaken family farms
- accelerate foreign control of our businesses
- hamper Canada's ability to legislate in the public interest due to Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms
New Democrats will not stand still while the Trudeau government fast-tracks massive changes leading to pink slips for our workers. Please join us in stopping the TPP: 
Let's work together to protect our shared interests and values.
All the best,
Tom Mulcair
Leader, Canada's New Democrats
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PinP said...

As far as I'm concerned, the most insidious parts of these misguided deals are the dispute settlement mechanisms. They allow corporations to "have their way" with our duly-elected governments who try to protect the environment and health of their citizens, by passing laws Big Oil for example, deems to affect their profits. Secret trade courts will have even more power to sue the asses off countries making up the TPP "partnership." It's already happening. And Canada is being sued more than any other nation. Bend over folks! The gang-bang is coming!

PinP said...

Bought some Canadian tomatoes in the supermarket yesterday; Sixty cents more than the ones from Mexico; Another clear reminder that the globalists/free marketeers are winning. Their system actually encourages the movement of food across continents, pissing out deadly carbon fumes all the while. When are we going to realize that the epidemic of "free trade" agreements which parties of all stripes are clamouring to approve, will only increase this misguided behaviour and carry our planet ever-closer to the brink of oblivion? Who do they (the mega-food corps.) think they're kidding? This system comes at horrendous cost to ordinary people like you & me, paying untold billions through our taxes the cost of upkeep of airports, highways, bridges and all the rest. Not to mention, the relentless march of climate change and all that implies for future generations. As Naomi Klein might say, capitalism is now at war with all life on earth. Sorry, folks. She's right!

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