Death of Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres Underscores the Need for Environmental Democracy

World Resources Institute

Berta Cáceres, a Honduran indigenous and environmental leader and Goldman Environmental Prize Winner has been assassinated. Story here.


Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada said…
Thank you for writing regarding Gustavo Castro Soto. I share your concern for his safety and support your call for the Honduran government to ensure Mr. Castro’s safe and swift return to Mexico.
Mr. Castro narrowly escaped death during the murder of celebrated activist Berta Caceres. As the sole witness, Mr. Castro’s safety remains in jeopardy while he is prevented from leaving Honduras. There is no reason for the 30-day migratory alert that the government has placed against him. It should be lifted immediately.
Ms. Caceres spent her life advocating for environmental protections and Indigenous rights in Honduras. The Honduran government was required to protect her because of the many death threats made against her, but she had no protection on the day she died. Her murder is a horrific loss for Honduras and for the world.
The Honduran authorities must support a full and impartial investigation to ensure justice is served for this awful crime. They must also refrain from criminalizing and endangering members of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, the group Ms. Caceres founded.
Thank you again for writing. Please continue speaking out about issues that matter to you.

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