Saturday, 2 April 2016

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Warns Canada Against TPP

CBC - The House
The warning from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz leaves no doubt about his assessment of the Trans Pacific Partnership. More here.


PinP said...

I must say I feel less "alone" now. For years, I, along with a few other progressive online outlets like the CCPA, the Council of Canadians and The International Institute for Sustainable Development have been trying to sound the alarm over the evils built into these damnable "free trade" deals which have been spreading like leprosy around the world. But writing articles as I do that are occasionally picked up by a weekly paper or, even more rarely, a magazine, posted on my "limited readership" blog - - or on my Facebook or Twitter pages, just doesn't seem to offer the same kind of vindication this single program offered to me on "The House" this morning.. Now that a Nobel Prize-Winning economist is making it onto the airwaves of the major media (i.e. CBC Radio), saying pretty much exactly the same things (more eloquently than I ever could), MAYBE the world will actually wake up and start to listen! Stranger things have happened! Please read the story &/or listen to the podcast!

John Fefchak said...

TPP or Free Trade , in my opinion, they are basically all the same, ..good investments for the already wealthy..….Free trade is some 27 /28 years old and what a cost, and headache it has been to the producers, industry, forestry and factories, alike, in Canada ……..and of course the taxpayers of Canada as well.
One thing for sure, It certainly is NOT Free, as the confrontations are never ending, and I am quite certain, there are well paying jobs being further fortified and established, on both sides with the expertise and knowledge to continually bafflegab each other in these issues and conflicts. Where to paste a label and the information on that label being the most recent agenda item that would decorate a package of pork chops or ground hamburger meat. How many years and tax payers dollars did it cost to resolve that one issue?
Canada need to take a hard look these trade schemes with a realization, that they are most beneficial to the white collar investors and not the hard working people of our country.

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