Friday, 21 October 2016

Moose poachers nabbed by Manitoba conservation workers

Conservation officers charged eight hunters with alleged moose poaching, a provincial news release said Thursday. Story here.
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John Fefchak said...

They haven't, as yet ID'd who the nabbed poachers were.
(licensed / or rights based hunters )
This is a letter that I previously sent to the Manitoba Premier about "hunting"
when a night hunter was shot and later died of the wound (s)

Sioux Valley Man Shot While Hunting

Dear Premier Pallister.

Allowing this type of hunting to continue in Manitoba is a sad state of affairs.
A very sad but predictable ending for our wildlife.
As long as there are different hunting laws/and no laws for different people in Manitoba, this contentious
issue will continue.
Personally, I have no quarrel with First Nations people /and Metis having unrestricted hunting privileges, as their fore bearers,
"WHEN there is a desperate NEED for food and Survival". However, if they are so eager to pursue "their inherent right to hunt",
regardless of any season, time or law, the they must revert to using arrows and spears,as utilized by their forefathers.

Unless the hunting laws are changed, I am of the opinion, that it is only a matter of time that big game hunting
will be no more.The animals will eventually be shamefully exterminated. The predication, by humans, will be complete.

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