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Study Finds Canadian Beef’s GHG Footprint Shrunk Over 30 Years

Manitoba Co-Operator PinP photo Efficiencies in cattle production and feeding have allowed Canada’s beef industry to produce the same weight in beef as 30 years ago with smaller breeding herds, less land — and smaller greenhouse gas (GHG) output. More hear.

One Of The World's Top Bee Scientists Has Been Suspended for Publishing Research on Bee-Killing Pesticides. (Donations Requested)

Sum    Of + Us PinP photo. Jonathan Lundgren was an award-winning scientist for 11 years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But once he started publishing data linking pesticides to bee and butterfly die-offs, he was ordered to stop talking. Help Jonathan by  donating!

B.C. Government Formally Opposes Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

National Observer Pipe stored on a railway siding in Manitoba. PinP photo. British Columbia has put its foot down on Kinder Morgan’s controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion . More here.

So You Think You Have Control Over Your Children's Environmental Education? THINK AGAIN!

by Larry Powell Every loving parent, I'm sure, would like to be able to guide their kids in a way that best equips them to deal with the environmental challenges which lie ahead - foremost among them being climate change and the greenhouse gases so prodigiously produced by the transportation sector (cars). This "criminally-negligent" car commercial (& others like it), shows how soulless multinationals like "Chevy" can seduce young minds while conveniently ignoring the fact that their products are a main culprit in endangering the futures of these same children with their pollution! You'd never know it by watching this kind of crap. So where does that leave our kids in terms of being instilled with the best "eco-wisdom" possible? DUMB AS POSTS. THAT'S WHERE .  Here's a thought. Why not force the Chevy's of the world to include a warning with every car ad whether on TV, Radio or print. It would inform viewers/readers that th