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Venezuela’s Food Revolution

New Internationalist That South American country has fought off big agribusiness and promoted agroecology, explains Nick Dearden. More here. North America, on the other hand, embraces "Big Ag,"  with its warts, excesses, hazards and all. PinP photo.

Agency Allowed Dangerous Pesticides on Crops For Years, Says Audit

NATIONAL OBSERVER A potato-harvester in central Manitoba.  Commercial potato producers are known for their  heavy and frequent use of pesticides. PinP photo. Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency allowed the agricultural industry to continue using an “unacceptable” pesticide on potato crops for more than a decade after concluding it had high acute toxicity, said a new audit tabled in Parliament on Tuesday. Details here. RELATED:  "Agency Allowed Dangerous Pesticides on Crops For Years, Says Audit" "Are Pesticide Regulators on the Take?"