Monday, 1 February 2016

Celebrating 20 Years of Campaigning to Safeguard the Great Bear Rainforest


At long last, today we celebrate the culmination of over twenty years of campaigning to safeguard the Great Bear Rainforest. More here.

Organic Producers Could See Net Profit Levels Of Up To $300 Per Acre

Manitoba Co-Operator

Know your cost per bushel, not just per acre, says farm management specialist. Details here.

Hydro Dam Boom Threatens a Third of the World's Freshwater Fish

The spillway of the Shellmouth dam in Manitoba. PinP photo.
Plans to build huge dams in the Amazon, Mekong and Congo could devastate freshwater biodiversity in these tropical river basins, say ecologists. More here.

How Climate Change Could Spread Diseases Like Zika

A female Aedes Aegypti mosquito in the process of acquiring a blood meal from her human host. Photo: CDC/James Gathany
Warmer temperatures could expand the area where mosquitoes can thrive. Story here.

Canadian Court Slams Trump Climate Advisor in Successful Libel Case

DESMOG CLEARING THE PR POLLUTION THAT CLOUDS CLIMATE SCIENCE Dr. Andrew Weaver, Nobel Prize-winning scientist & BC Green Party ...