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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: An #UnfairTrade Deal Too Far

International Institute for Sustainable Development Non-trade provisions in the TPP, such as investment and intellectual property rights, threaten to heighten inequality.  It is time for Canada to say; this is a deal too far. Story here.

Oppose the Disastrous TPP #UnfairTrade Deal! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!

Sum    of  +us In just hours, Trade Minister Freeland will sign Canada on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is one of Stephen Harper’s biggest legacies. The sweeping "free" trade deal will let corporations sue governments in special courts for laws that might hurt their 'expected' profits, and it could severely damage our access to medication, internet freedom and workers’ rights. In short, it’s a massive corporate power grab.   But the TPP must still be ratified by Parliament. So w e still have a chance to stop it. PLEASE SIGN HERE. RELATED: "Free Trade. Pathway to Prosperity? Or Back Road to Corporatism?"

Damning Report Finds Alberta Failing Aboriginals in Oil Sands Development

THE GLOBE AND MAIL The Alberta government’s attempt to balance competing interests in the oilsands region has failed to protect aboriginal rights, lands and health from industrial development, says an unreleased report . More here.