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Manitoba Pork Sector Builds on Hope

Manitoba Co-Operator Four new barns will be built in 2016. Story here. This is how many factory barns there were in southeastern Manitoba in 2007. That's when the Clean Environment Commission warned that more industry growth would lead to "a significant increase" in the production of nitrogen and phosphorous, nutrients which contribute to the pollution of waterways. So....just how many are too many?

Lessons From Flint Michigan And The Price of Water Privatization

Common Dreams U.S. communities are shifting toward keeping their water infrastructure public, and that’s a good thing. But stopping water privatization is only the first step. Details here.

Billions of Bits of Plastic Waste Threaten Humans and Wildlife, Australian Senators Told

the guardian Studies have estimated there are now five trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans. These include microplastics, which form as larger pieces break down.   Story here .