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Florida Just Flushed Its "Toilet" Lake Onto Its Beaches

MotherJones Right in time for tourist season, polluted runoff is fouling coasts on both sides of the Sunshine State.    Details here.

WTO Swats Down India’s Massive Solar Initiative

Grist The World Trade Organization delivered a blow to India’s ambitious solar power program on Wednesday at the behest of the United States. So much for all that nice chatter about international climate cooperation back in December. Story here.

NAFTA Wind Energy Dispute With Canada Ramps Up

Image Wind farm in Saskatchewan.  PinP  photo. The three-year dispute between the US-based Windstream Energy company and the Canadian government ramped up this week, as representatives from both sides gathered in Toronto to make their case before an investor-state arbitration tribunal under NAFTA.  Story here .

Ottawa Says Some Form of Carbon Pricing is Coming

CBC News The federal Liberal government remains determined to set a national price on carbon emissions, despite the vocal opposition of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall. Story here.