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Unprecedented Scientific Report Says Bees And Other Pollinators Are in Dire Need of Help

The Washington Post Beekeepers at Fort Whyte Centre,  Winnipeg, MB. PinP photo. Until now, most assessments of pollinator health have been conducted on a regional basis, focusing on certain countries or parts of the world. But this week, a United Nations organization has released the first-ever global assessment of pollinators, highlighting their importance for worldwide food and nutrition, describing the threats they currently face and outlining strategies to protect them. Story here.

No New Projects in the Alberta Tar Sands After Current Round, IEA Says

The ENERGY MIX The era of expansion of tar sands/oil sands production may be over—at least for now. In light of price and delivery challenges, the Paris-based International Energy Agency forecasts that projects now being developed will be completed, but no new ones begun. Story here.

Coal Mine Waste in Australia Affects Tadpole Behavior and Survival

Environmental Health News Tadpoles exposed to coal mine wastewater in Queensland, Australia, had delayed development, hyperactivity and ended up full of toxic metals in their tails and livers, according to a new study. Story here.