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How Uruguay Became a Wind Power Powerhouse

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE When it comes to renewable energy generation, the South American country of Uruguay is a huge success story. Story here.

Death of Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres Underscores the Need for Environmental Democracy

World Resources Institute Berta Cáceres, a Honduran indigenous and environmental leader and Goldman Environmental Prize Winner has been assassinated. Story here.

Monsanto to Pay $80 mn For Trying to Cheat Over Its Roundup Earnings

Agro Pages Monsanto Co. will pay $80 million to settle civil accounting violations after it allegedly misstated its earnings in connection with its top-selling Roundup product, U.S. securities regulators said on Feb 9th, 2016. Details here. 

"Babes Against Biotech." Help Save Hawaii From Monsanto! (Video)