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Large Swaths Of The Pacific Ocean May Actually Suffocate In Just 15 Years

Huffington Post Photo by William Roger Uzun Take a wild guess what the culprit is. More here.

Historic Ivory Burn Covers the Sky in Smoke and Ash

CNN Twelve ivory towers burned in Kenya on Saturday, sending thick plumes of ash and smoke over Nairobi National Park as elephant and rhino tusks smoldered. More here.

Calls for Investigation Grow as ‘Exxon Knew’ Scandal Spills Into Canada

Greenpeace Canada There is a growing  call for the federal government to investigate Imperial Oil , the Canadian arm of ExxonMobil, for its role in the oil giant’s global effort to spread doubt about climate science and delay policy action by governments, even though the company’s own researchers were telling them that global warming was a serious threat and the company was adjusting its operations in the Canadian Arctic to deal with a warming world. More here.

Researchers Say Only Way to Guarantee Enough Food in 2050 Is if the World Turns Vegan

Eco Watch It is possible to produce enough food to feed a growing population without another tree being felled, according to new research. But there’s a catch. More here.