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Earth’s Health Declining ‘Faster Than Thought’ but Action by Governments Can Reverse Trend

UN News Centre A clearcut in Canada. Wickimedia Commons. The environment is deteriorating faster than previously thought, making it imperative that governments act now to reverse the worst trends, says the most authoritative study the United Nations has ever published on the state of the planet’s health.  Story here.

Dear Ontario Government - Please Revisit Your Royalty Regime and Make De Beers Compensate Attawapiskat Fairly. PLEASE SIGN!

+SumOfUs The De Beers diamond mine 90 km from Attawapiskat paid just $226 in royalties two years ago -- after extracting $2.5 billion in gems since 2007.    Story here.

Will the Arctic Be Ice-Free Within the Next Two Decades?

EcoWatch When sea ice melts, the ocean loses its reflective surface and the dark water absorbs more heat. Story here.

Edible Six-Pak Rings Hold Promise for Sea-Life