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Nations sign major deal to curb warming chemicals used for air conditioning

SCIENCE An international treaty originally created to save the ozone layer from destruction is now being enlisted to help tackle climate change. Story here.

Tribute to the Trees - a Manitoba Video!

Call Of The Forest - DIANA BERESFORD-KROEGER from Jeff McKay / Edgeland Films on Vimeo .

Dangerous Metals Found in Latest Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill

Waterkeeper Alliance The record-breaking flood of the Neuse River inundated three inactive coal ash ponds   for five days last week from the Duke Energy H.F. Lee facility, 10 miles upstream of Goldsboro, North Carolina. The flooded ponds are unlined and uncovered, containing more than 1 million tons of coal ash spread over more than 170 acres in a layer 4 to 10 feet deep. Story here.