Sunday, 6 August 2017

Industrial Pollution Costs Cattle Producers Access to a River in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Western Producer

Several cattle producers along the Wood River in south-central Saskatchewan have to move about 1,000 head to different pastures after water quality in the river declined unexpectedly. Story here.


PinP said...

We are killing Earth. Thanks Sask. Mining & Minerals! Quite a legacy you leave. Hope you're proud.

PinP said...

Below are lyrics by the wonderful prairie songstress Connie Kaldor, about the river now being despoiled by human greed. Read it and weep, SASKATCHEWAN MINING AND MINERALS!

1 Wood River.
Oh won’t you come with me

Where the Wood River flows

We’ll watch it meander slowly

As the sky turns from red to dark
And as that sun goes down

We’ll throw our arms around

Each other and tell the dreams

That are deep in the heart
Because the heart is bigger than trouble

And the heart is bigger than doubt

But the heart sometimes needs a little help

To figure that out
So won’t you come with me

Where the Wood River flows

The little Wood River knows

That it goes to nowhere but
That doesn’t stop it going

Or them willows growing

Or all the lovers showing

Their hearts to each other there
So won’t you come with me

Where the Wood River flows

The little Wood River knows

The wood river runs through southern Saskatchewan. It comes out of the Wood Mountain hills and goes to Old Wives lake. It is an old river that winds and twists its way along. It is traditionally the local picnic spot and necking spot in the Gravelbourg Assiniboia area. I lived on the bank of the wood river for a while. I think this is one of my favourite songs. The melody was written first while I was in Toronto. I was renting a room in a house where a lot of Mauler was being played and I think I wrote it to balance the musical palate. But the lyrics came later when I was back home and needing a little solace.

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