In Hogs WeTrust - a Radio Interview

Alon at CKUW Radio (95.9 fm) at the University of Winnipeg, interviews journalist/blogger/activist Larry Powell (L.)  about the recent decision by the Government of Manitoba to expand the hog industry in the province. Are the rewards worth the risk? You be the judge. Runs 38'30". Interview proper starts at the 1'45" mark. This is a podcast (no picture). COMMENTS WELCOME. Thanks to CKUW for the opportunity to get the word out about these important issues. L.P.


John Fefchak said…
Good job Larry. It was a long interview and there were a lot of bases that were covered. You got in some pretty good hits on what is taking place with the hog Industry, to the detriment of rural Manitobans and manure pollution to our water sources….plus the fact that our taxpayers dollars are supporting the pork processing plants.

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