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Nations agree to ban fishing in Arctic Ocean for at least 16 years

Science Nine nations and the European Union have agreed to place the central Arctic Ocean off-limits to commercial fishers for at least the next 16 years. The pact will give scientists time to understand the region’s marine ecology and the potential impacts of climate change. Story here. Fishing boat in the Arctic. Photo by J osef Knecht

Feces from entangled North Atlantic right whales reveals 'sky-high' stress levels

ScienceDaily Endangered Species Research journal publishes pioneering whale feces research; also being used to investigate unprecedented number of right whale deaths this summer. Story here. A North Pacific right whale. Photo by John Durban, NOAA

Supreme Court rules in favour of Yukon First Nations in Peel watershed dispute

CBC news Unanimous decision returns planning process to earlier stage, requires additional consultation.  Story here. Boreal forest in the broad valley of the Hart River, (Peel Watershed). Photo: Juri Peepre