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Diesel vehicles in oil sands operations contribute to regional pollution

EurekAlert! Photo courtesy of Wildfires, cigarette smoking and vehicles all emit a potentially harmful compound called isocyanic acid. The substance has been linked to several health conditions, including heart disease and cataracts. Scientists investigating sources of the compound have now identified off-road diesel vehicles in oil sands production in Alberta, Canada, as a major contributor to regional levels of the pollutant. Story here.

Canola oil linked to worsened memory and learning ability in Alzheimer's

ScienceDaily Canola oil is one of the most widely consumed vegetable oils,  yet little is known about its health effects.  Now, a study links canola oil consumption in the diet  with.....  Story here. A canola field - a common site  on the Canadian prairies. PinP photo. Related:  Canola study on Alzheimer mice seen as ‘huge stretch’

As World Warms, Heart-Breaking Video Shows What It Looks Like When a Polar Bear Starves

Common Dreams "For all of you still trying to hold a ridiculous 'debate' about whether there's something wrong with our planet, please watch this, if you can." Story here. A starving polar bear in  the Norwegian Arctic. Photo by  Andreas Weith

Narwhals’ mixed-up response to fear could kill them

Nature Tracking study suggests the Arctic whales are particularly vulnerable to human disturbance. Story here. Image by  Pixabay.

Pipeline regulator will let Kinder Morgan break Burnaby rules, but won't say why

NATIONAL OBSERVER Canada's energy regulator says Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan doesn't have to follow all the rules of a city at the end of the route of its major west coast pipeline expansion project. Story here.