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Friends of the Earth Fights for Bees. PLEASE DONATE!.

Friends of the Earth  Donald Trump’s EPA could soon allow bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides to be sprayed on 165 million acres of farmland. A honeybee hive in Manitoba, Canada.  PinP photo.    Chemical giant Syngenta requested permission to douse our crops with these toxic chemicals. If the EPA grants Syngenta’s wish, the impact on bees and other pollinators could be devastating. From your backyard to garden retailers to supermarkets, we’re cutting off the demand for bee-killing pesticides. And we’re pushing states and the federal government to ban them. But we need your help to keep this important work going in 2018. Bees are dying at alarming rates. Monarch butterflies are declining. And a new study found that 75 percent of insects in German nature preserves have disappeared over the past three decades. Scientists say this indicates that we are in the midst of an “Insect Apocalypse.” One of the key culprits is the massive increase in the use of pesticides.

Research finds flies carry bacteria — some harmful to people and animals

The Western Producer They come every summer without fail, but flies are more than an aesthetic problem. Story here. Sarcophaga (Flesh Fly). Family.... Sarcohagidae. Larvae  feed  on dead animal flesh.   A Wickimedia photo by "Prog"