This is Giant Mine

Giant Mine - 2008. Photo by WinterCity296 WinterforceMedia
This gold mine was once so dangerous that it killed a toddler who ate snow two kilometres away. Canada’s second-largest environmental liability is inside Yellowknife city limits — and intrinsically tied to the city’s history and future. The federal government has now inherited the billion-dollar cleanup effort that could span a century. More here.


John Fefchak said…
Comments that I made 10 years ago!

Our governments continually talk and advertise of saving water,but when one analyses all the propaganda, it is evident that hypocrisy reigns.
Courtesy of the Manitoba Water Smart Program,Manitobans who purchased dual flush toilets 21 Feb. saved $50 bucks. The incentive being "to save water".
I don't expect the public would criticize this undertaking or the efforts of the Manitoba and Federal governments to reduce the pollution to Lake Wpg.,in particular,the high phosphorus loading and the threat of Devils Lake contamination. Yet, there is a dark side that needs to be addressed and accounted for. I believe the Press can help.

The question that needs to be answered is this. "How water smart are our governments when it comes to making a decision of dumping toxic waste into one of our Manitoba water sources,Bucko Lake"?

At this time throughout Canada there are 22 lakes committed to a looming death sentence,all waiting for that all important phone call from the governor to somehow save them from being transformed into red toxic waste dumps from mine tailings and residue.

We all know it will cost millions upon millions of taxpayers money to clean up the pollution and residue at the Lynn Lake mining site. The Flin Flon area cleanup will also be a very expensive undertaking. Taxpayers again will be footing the cost.

It makes one wonder if the governments have gained any lessons or wisdom from "those" man-made disasters. Apparently not,for they seem just as determined as ever, to allow mining developments to continue polluting and destroying public water and the surrounding habitat.
Even now,the process is underway to let it happen; for after all one has to put all the scraps and junk somewhere and what could be more convenient than a nearby lake.

Need an area for dumping Toxic Waste? No problem. Manitoba and Canada have Lakes for Sale!

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