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For the First Time, Scientists Prove Human Activity Is the Top Cause of Warming Antarctic Waters...

Mother Jones ...and not regular temperature variations or responses to natural climate change.   More here. Mt. Herschel, Antarctica, with a penguin colony in the foreground, 2006. Photo by  Andrew Mandemaker.

Busted! Citizens' group exposes Illegal hog operation in Manitoba. Few consequences likely for barn owner.(Video)

Read an alternative version here.  Also.... "In Hogs We Trust."   A critique of Manitoba’s “runaway” hog industry. Part 1 - Antibiotic Overuse. Part 11 - The price we pay for corporate pig$.   Part 111 - From Malaysia to Manitoba - the global magnitude of livestock diseases. Part 1V - The health and environmental costs of an expanded hog industry. Part V - What’s behind Manitoba’s drive to expand?