Canada becomes first G7 country to ban shark fin imports

The Guardian

Shark fins for sale in Canada.
Photo by Hakai MAGAZINE 
  • Measure which also bans sale of fins awaits royal assent. Story here.


PinP said…
FLASHBACK: March, 2013.(THE HARPER ERA) The HON. Robert Sopuck (CPC - Dauphin/Swan River/Marquette), spoke at length during the Commons debate on the Bill to ban finning. First, he made it clear how much he respected his colleague who introduced it, and that finning was not only deplorable, but "abhorrent." But then he announced his Party would not be supporting the Bill.
According to Sopuck, it would set "a very bad precedent, is overly broad and could unfairly target sustainable fisheries around the world." China is already taking action, he claimed. And Canada is "already exploring what can be done." Whatever that means. Read PinP's opinion piece at the time. Just search for "Canada's governing party misses a golden opportunity..."

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