Fertilizer runoff in streams and rivers can have cascading effects, analysis shows

Science Daily

A river in west-central Manitoba, Canada. A PinP photo.

Fertilizer pollution can have significant ripple effects in the food webs of streams and rivers, according to a new analysis of global data. 


John Fefchak said…
When man first came to colonize this country, he was pleased, as there was an abundance of clean and pure water. "Blue Gold".
He realized that water was a most important element for all living things. It would sustain him, his neighbours, and all the animals for many lifetimes. And he was satisfied.
The area grew and prospered. Shops of business and dry-goods flourished.
Industry was invited to share the good treasure of the abundant water sources, and with industry, man now had "yellow Gold".

People were seemingly content, but they were not satisfied; for the temptation of even more "yellow Gold" became a consuming passion.
And so as time evolved, "yellow Gold" became prominent and renowned. Factories and even more industries came to use .the "blue Gold" waters.

But some of the people became alarmed and began to voice concerns.

"What is happening to our water?", they cried. The streams and rivers are making us sick, and the air is polluted.

And small wonder, for the rivers and streams were being used as convenient places to dump whatever needed to be gotten rid of.They were also being used as open sewers.
So man in his wisdom, said not to worry, we will build treatment plants, and you will be able to use and drink the waters again. And the air will be made clean to breathe.

However, this required a huge source of "yellow Gold" and when "black Gold" arrived on scene, it helped to clean the "blue Gold."
Some people were satisfied, and time passed.

But others were not satisfied, now they wanted all the "black Gold" to have more "yellow Gold"and this was also called progress.

They were not concerned or troubled about, how they would destroy the "blue Gold" in the process.They only wanted more "yellow Gold"and were determined to proceed and prosper. And the hierarchy of government prevailed in their quest of "black Gold". They called it "sustainable development"

Which brings us to the present time. Our "blue Gold" is being poisoned and contaminated by the search for "black Gold" - for economics and the thirst for "yellow Gold".

Man has destroyed the very resource that all living things require, "blue Gold". " Black Gold" will provide him "yellow Gold" but he will not be able to drink or quench his thirst for what he needs to survive and live.

Unless we collectively change our behaviour, we are heading for a water crises, in the not too distant future.

Man is foolish. He will never know the true worth of water, our most precious resource, until it is all gone and undrinkable.

Man the only creature on this planet who destroys what is so necessary for survival.
We are but one strand in the web of life, and what ever we do to to the strands of that web, we do to ourselves.

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