Science Media Centre of Canada (SMCC) condemns Alberta's efforts to discredit climate journalists.

 S M C C

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Runs a "war room" at taxpayers expense which
spreads false information about environmental groups.

Alberta Inquiry Paid $28K for a Report Smearing Hundreds of Climate Journalists

The Science Media Centre of Canada (SMCC) condemns all attempts by governments and third-party agencies to discredit the work journalists undertake to cover climate change in Canada. 

Numerous journalistic bodies — including the Society of Environmental Journalists — are smeared in a new Government of Alberta-bankrolled report.

It's called,  "A New Global Paradigm: Understanding the Transnational Progressive Movement, the Energy Transition and the Great Transformation Strangling Alberta’s Petroleum Industry." 

This report was produced as part of the provincial government’s $3.5 million inquiry into international opposition to Alberta’s oilsands.

The report argues that journalists are part of a “disturbing” movement to “coordinate and effectively distribute propagandized climate change issues in their reporting.” According to Vice News, the report’s author was paid $28,000 by the Alberta government. 

The report was written by energy researcher Tammy Nemeth who. according to the CBC, is currently a home-school teacher in England.

The SMCC rejects this conspiratorial mischaracterization of the work undertaken by Canadian climate journalists. 

The report criticizes Canadian outlets including Maclean’s, TVO, and the Toronto Star for covering climate change issues. Similarly, CBC, The Globe and Mail and The National Post are criticized for reprinting stories about climate change from wire services. As an issue of considerable public interest, the SMCC encourages Canadian media outlets to continue covering climate change. 

Thank you.

- Jim Handman, Executive Director


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