Alberta' Premier tells more lies about our climate calamity.

 Here's a dandy quote from the most faithful political puppet the Alberta tar sands mega-corps could have hoped for in their wettest dreams (who also side-hustles as Premier), Danielle Smith; "I cannot build an electricity grid off wind & solar. When the sun goes down at 5 o’clock I can’t just tell people to just suck it up until the sun comes back up at 9 am the next morning." PSST! NEWS FLASH, DANNY! Wind turbines don't shut down at 5! They run on wind, not sun! And, oh by the way, guess you didn't know solar panels power storage batteries which can then be called upon when the sun ain't out! And as Premier, you must have known, one of your own natural gas generators was out of service, another operating at reduced capacity during your brutal cold snap in January. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad girl, bad girl?????? <Wildfires, droughts, heat domes, polar vortexes and atmospheric rivers, that is!>


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