Climate Scientist Michael Mann Wins $1M in Defamation Suit


A jury on Thursday awarded US$1 million to climate scientist Michael Mann who sued a pair of conservative writers 12 years ago after they compared his depictions of global warming to a convicted sex offender. Story here.


Larry Powell said…
At last some justice for one of the world’s top minds, for the suffering he’s had to go through for telling the truth…all because some knuckle-dragging morons think they know more than he does when, in fact, they know zip. Prof. Mann successfully sued Canada’s most notorious climate-denier, the late Tim Ball, in a similar case some years ago, too. The ultra-Conservative “think-tank,” the Winnipeg-based “Frontier Centre” venerates Ball as “Canada’s foremost climate skeptic.” Reactionary rags such as this (and the Epoch Times - remember it?) are still alive and well in or midst. We need to either remain vigilant or be afraid. Very afraid.

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