Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ex-Staffer With the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Guilty of Election Fraud in Robocalls Case

The Canadian Press
GUELPH, Ont. - Former Conservative party staffer Michael Sona has been convicted of trying to prevent voters from casting ballots during the 2011 federal election. Details here.

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PIP said...

Everyone knows (or should by now), there is one law for the CPC & PM Harper (remember the Canadian Wheat Board?) and another for the rest of us! This is cosmetic justice, indeed. We need to ask every Tory candidate in this election if he/she intends to either approve or even tolerate such dirty tricks in their own riding in the upcoming election. There needs to be zero tolerance for shit like this in our electoral system. I've heard it said that other parties have done shady things, too. That may be true, but it was surely the Tories who refined robocalling into an art form. After all, Mr. Sona (or Pierre Putin, or whatever your name is), wasn't with the Rhinoceros Party, or even the NDP or Liberals. It happened within the protective umbrella of the once venerable CPC. It was no less than a filthy, rotten dishonourable piece of anti-democratic skulduggery & cries out for maximum penalties.

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