Prentice Drops Bombshell, Quits Cabinet

Viewed as leadership contender - By: Bruce Cheadle - Posted: 5/11/2010
EDITOR'S COMMENT: As usual, the media misses the mark entirely on this story. Preoccupied with "process" and "political advantage" and how Prentice may now be jockying for a "leadership" position, they fail to point out the sad state of our country, where a climate criminal such as this man can cynically rise to a position (of environment Minister) which has obviously been no more important to him                   photo by
than a furry rat's ass. If so, why would he now defect to a rich bank that has had its nose in the filthy tar sands trough which, had he been a real man, would have been dedicated to cleaning up rather than enabling? Sadly, this is clearly another example of our country's fall into near-total corruption and no one seems to care! l.p. 


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