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Healing from Global Warming May Take 100,000 Years

by Stephen Messenger, Porto Alegre, Brazil - Treehugger - 11. 2.10 When it comes to human-caused global warming, news of the long-term...

More Evidence Weather's Changing for the Worst

Bruce Owen - Wpg. Free Press - 2/11/2010 VICTORIA BEACH, MANITOBA -- I came here on the weekend to see for...   The board walk at Grand Beach, MB.  BORIS.MINKEVICH@FREEPRESS.MB.CA

A Ghost Agreement

By George Monbiot - the Guardian 2nd No.'10 Everyone agrees that the new declaration on biodiversity is a triumph. Just one snag: it doesn’t appear to exist.   (Above)  Prairie Dogs, now largely confined to nature preserves because of the  loss of tall grass prairie habitat. (r.) Honey bees, decimated by "colony collapse disorder." l.p. photos