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Put a CAPP on Tar Sands Greenwashing

Mike Hudema - Greenpeace - November 23, 2010 Faced with the grim realities of...

World Hunger and Obesity Both Trend Upwards. Aljazeera Tries to Make Sense of it All in This Video.

You Did It! Success on Alberta Parks

Earlier this week, we let you know about a proposed new Alberta's Parks Act that would have set a dangerous precedent for provincial parks.  You wrote in, and Cindy Ady, Alberta's Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation listened -- she is withdrawing the legislation . Public opposition was key to the decision, said the Minister: “What I have heard throughout debate on Bill 29 is that people are passionate about parks, and I respect that passion”. THANK YOU for writing! Your letters made the difference. While we celebrate this victory, there's still work to do – Alberta intends to introduce new legislation in the spring, after public consultation. CPAWS will continue to push for legislation that puts the ecological integrity of parks first. Here's what you can do now: Thank the Minister -- write a quick note Donate to CPAWS CPAWS has worked relentlessly against Bill 29 since it was introduced on November 4th.  We’ll continue to speak out for the protecti