Durban: Where the Climate Deniers-in-Chief Ran the Show

Mark Hertsgaard -The Nation - 12/21/11
A different and more dangerous breed of climate denier commanded the stage at the recently concluded international negotiations in Durban, South Africa. Details here.
Courtesy of Alternet


Anonymous said…
Ok let me get this straight. You think that the climate negotiators at Durban are really climate deniers? Is that because Durban was a total bomb so they must have been deniers running the show?

Oh boy Larry, you're going off the rails here.

Look, no one was expecting anything to be achieved at Durban, I posted a comment to you about that don't you remember? I said even Al Gore was not going to attend, and he did not attend. Everyone saw this months ago.

Face facts, CAGW is dead. The green movement must go back to cleaning the air, land and water. Real environmental work.
Larry Powell said…
Dear Anon,
Firstly, the story to which you refer was not written by me. It is simply a link to a post written by the highly-regarded journalist Mark Hertsgaard, author of many excellent articles and several books. Perhaps I could recommend one or 2 to you?
I gather you are either a denier yourself or certainly someone who doesn't give a damn about the serious implications which climate change holds for all living things on this planet, yes? The leap you seem to be taking is, the monumental failure of our leaders to do anything about our crisis, somehow validates your point of view and makes you right. Talk about being "off the rails!" You obviously feel comfortable on the side of the contrarians, deniers and cranks. I hope you are very happy in that world. By the way, when are you and yours going to learn that you need to do a lot more than discredit what Al Gore says & represents. You have thousands of highly qualified scientists, a Helluva lot smarter than you, who are saying the same thing. The moment you & your crowd can show me you have the same credentials is the moment I'll start paying more attention (& who knows - maybe even posting more of your comments)!