Monday, 15 October 2012

Lake Winnipeg Predicament a Human Creation

Letter to the Editor:

As I read "The province wants public thoughts on environmental plan" in the Free Press, I can’t help, but think that Lake Winnipeg is already green, far too green, in fact.

This is a man-made situation. Lake Winnipeg is not polluting itself. We, the people are the cause for allowing the abuse and pollution to these waters.
It is apparent that respect and gratitude is not a requirement in to-day’s society and how to take care of water that sustains all life. 

We are not alone. There are neighbouring provinces and the United States that also make their contributions of pollution. An action often referred to, as ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

I am skeptical of yet another plan for "Think Saving Lake Winnipeg", and here’s why.
On June 2, of 2011, Premier Selinger presented his Plan to Save Lake Winnipeg. In that plan there was to be an International Summit that would bring together the stakeholders and levels of government throughout the Winnipeg watershed to co-ordinate phosphorus reduction to the Lake Winnipeg waters. This has not been accomplished, and, 16 months have elapsed.

Seemingly, it is much less complicated to keep making plans than doing what is so necessary to accomplish the needed action and results to Save Lake Winnipeg.

This misrepresents the crucial situation that presently exist in the waters of Lake Winnipeg. 

John Fefchak;

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