Monday, 8 October 2012

So You Don't Think Climate Change is Worth Fighting? Read on.

The Human Toll of Inaction Could Exceed 100 Million Deaths Between Now and 2030 Alone!

•Climate change and the carbon economy as estimated here are responsible for 5 million deaths each year today and cause illness in tens of million people globally comparable to the third leading cause of preventable death with a similar societal impact as tobacco use (see: Health Impact Climate/Carbon)

• The carbon economy claims the largest share of this impact, in particular
due to toxic air pollution, at over 4.5 million deaths a year today 

• Climate change is estimated to be responsible for 400,000 deaths
each year, particularly due to hunger and communicable diseases in the
lowest-income countries 

• By 2030, the annual death toll is estimated to rise to 6 million, including close to 5.5 million deaths due to the carbon economy, and over 600,000 as a result of climate change • Inaction on climate change could claim well over 100 million lives in the twenty year period to 2030 

• Reducing emissions will rapidly diffuse risks to populations due to the
carbon economy and generate co-benefits for human health, although
the effect on the burden of disease will persist for decades 

• Constraining climate change will have less of a beneficial effect on
its near-term health impacts given that an additional half a degree of
warming is now virtually inevitable in the decades immediately ahead 

• Climate-change-linked health concerns are therefore an urgent priority
for policies aimed at adapting to climate change, since the accelerating rate of change is outpacing the ability of expected large-scale gains in socio-economic development to lessen key health vulnerabilities in lower-income countries. View complete findings

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