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Why Lake Winnipeg's Degredation is a Prairie-Wide Environmental Calamity

by Jim Harding Industrial-agricultural contaminants and Regina’s poorly treated sewage are degrading the Qu’Appelle Valley lake chain. This is a microcosm of a much larger… Full story here. Please also read, Lake Winnipeg Predicament a Human Creation, (a letter to the editor by John Fefchak).

THE END OF GROWTH – first in a series

by Jim Harding In 1972 the book Limits to Growth was published. This year, forty years later, the book The End of Growth came out. Full story here.

At Last. Someone Gets to the "Bottom" of Climate Change!

by Danny Dimwit ROBLIN, MB:  Wow! Sure has been windy lately, huh? We had two big trees blow down right beside our own house near Roblin late one night back in July. The top 8 or 10 feet of 6 others were ripped off and came crashing down at the same time. I even had a heart attack after cleaning up the mess in my yard. (Needed open-heart surgery - bypasses, the whole 9 yards!) (Later, I talked to a lady who had a bit of a heart attack, too, while cleaning up a campground near Portage, further to the east. She said a big wind kind of like a tornado had passed through!) The storm at our place (I think they called it a plow wind), damaged our sun porch, buckled our garage door and damaged our car. Cost a couple of thou to fix. As bad as it was, other poor souls in our neck of the woods also suffered damage from the wind which could have been even worse. We saw trees down everywhere, including some on top of houses and trailers in Roblin. Did you? Word is,