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Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy

National Round Table on the Environment (NRTE) Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance. Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy outlines the potential economic opportunity for Canada as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy. Details here. PLT: This is the last report from the NRTE, which the Harperites have killed. Heaven forbid they should retain an advisory to give them such "radical" advice! Make no mistake, this government represents industry, the top 1%, period. Not you. Not me.

Winnipeg Man Gets Six-Figure Fine Under Federal Wildlife Legislation

Environment Canada WINNIPEG, Man.– October 22, 2012 – An Environment Canada investigation led to the recent sentencing of Jayson Daeninck and his company, Saltwater Connection, on 18 charges under… full story here.

Harper's Sneaky Canada - Elizabeth May Tells it Like it is