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Climate Scientist Sues for Defamation

The Daily Climate Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann sues National Review, Competitive Enterprise Institute for 'maliciously' attacking his personal reputation. Details here. PLT: At left is Michael Mann's now-famous "hockey stick graph" which has drawn the anger, vitriol and even threats from many climate cranks. Mann and other scientists constructed the graph to show global patterns of annual surface temperature. Despite evidence that the graph is an accurate portrayal, the cranks continue to spew their hatred at this distinguished man.


Xerces Society Across North America, monarch butterflies are leaving their summer breeding grounds and making their epic journey to spend the winter in Mexico or along California's coast. Unfortunately, all is not well in the monarch world. Details here.

Farm Runoff is Speeding Demise of Protective Coastal Areas -- Study

ClimateWire: PLT photo Pollution from agricultural production degrades coastal salt marshes more quickly than previously thought, according to a study published in the journal Nature. Details here.

Pollution as Harmful as Malaria, TB in Developing World - Study

NEW YORK, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Pollution from factories and mines is putting the health of 125 million people at risk worldwide and is as dangerous in the developing world as malaria or tuberculosis, according to a… Full story here. PLT photo For a Canadian perspective, please read about a US-based corporation which was given permission a couple o f years ago, to actually i ncrease industrial e missions at its Manitoba wood pro ducts plant.