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Italy's Earthquake Case Reeks of Hypocrisy

Puzzling, isn't it? Several scientists in Italy were recently tried, convicted and sentenced on criminal charges for failing to predict the unpredictable - a tragic and deadly earthquake there a few years ago. I didn't realize governments were all that interested in what scientists have to say, anyway. After all, leading climatologists the world over have been warning for decades that our planet is headed for a crisis due to human-caused climate change - a science that has accumulated years of painstaking data and meteorological records to back its findings. Nevertheless, such warnings have been systematically ignored by Presidents, Prime Ministers and governments everywhere. If it was possible to bring a class action against political leaders the world over (beginning with Canada's Stephen Harper) I'd be leading the charge. Think about it. A few hundred people died in the earthquake - a disaster, to be sure. But millions have died by now due to the catastrophi

Help Malala - She Deserves the Nobel Prize!

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Ash Cloud

By George Monbiot, the Guardian How conservatism turned into an orgy of destruction. Details here. PLT: Sounds like Canadian-style corporatism is metastasizing!