Arsenic Kills Thousands of Sri Lankans While Health Ministry Slumbers

The Sunday Leader - an English-language, Sri Lankan newspaper.

Although the Health Ministry denies that the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) slowly killing thousands in the North Central, Eastern, Wayamba, Ruhuna and Uva Provinces is due to pesticides and fertilisers containing arsenic being used for agriculture, studies now confirm that the use of fertilizer has contaminated…Details here.


john Fefchak said…
Is our Manitoba government also Slumbering on the arsenic scene? Nearly two decades ago, the province issued a licence to the town of Virden, Manitoba allowing arsenic to be dumped into a nearby creek. The creek waters ends up flowing into the Assiniboine River, about 3 miles downstream.
Yearly estimates of 55 to 65 pounds (25 to 30 Kilograms) of arsenic is permitted to poison these waters.
And we are presumed to be a health conscientious province that cares for the public safety of our water.?
Vindication by appropriate authorities have stated that, "Dilution is the solution to this Pollution" They are not concerned.
I do not agree.