Will You Help to Protect the Sage Grouse?

Dear Larry,

It is like nothing you've ever seen before.

This charismatic, five pound bird, with a spikey tail and a plump, brownish-gray body struts, swishes, pops and whistles. He puffs out sacs from his incredible white chest and erects his head back and forth in a beautiful dance trying to attract a mate.

You’re seeing the Greater Sage-grouse and he is performing a ritual that has gone on for centuries, a ritual that could be lost forever,  if we don't act now

The south corner of Alberta and Saskatchewan is one of the last remaining areas of the sage grouse -- a magnificent bird species that needs large expanses of undisturbed grasslands to thrive. But, increased oil pipelines in the heart of their range, coupled with other activities, has directly impacted their habitat and driven the population to the brink of extinction.

There are less than 13 male Sage grouse remaining in Alberta. With gas wells and other industrial activities continuing to threaten their home and their food source -- the sagebrush -- it will not be too long before this iconic bird is gone forever. In fact, the population has plummeted more than 90% in the past two decades. The reason is destruction of their habitat.

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But it's not too late to change the plight of the Sage-grouse. For several years, Nature Canada and 
our members and partners have been on the front lines of the fight for the Greater-Sage grouse and 
other wildlife that depend on the prairie grasslands that are disappearing.

Please support Nature Canada today and help us continue to fight to protect the Greater Sage-grouse 
and its home. Your small monthly gift of $15 will support critical efforts to protect 
the Greater Sage grouse and other imperiled wildlife from development threats.

You’ll help strengthen the fight by mobilizing thousands to speak out for stronger implementation 
of Canada’s Species at Risk Act, releasing reports to make sure decision-makers have the facts, and 
generating stories in media outlets to alert the public.

Please join our “Guardian of Nature” club today and help prevent sage grouse and other 
cherished wildlife from vanishing forever. You’ll support our efforts to strengthen legal protection to 
save this species from extinction.



Ian Davidson
Executive Director, Nature Canada

P.S. Want to do more to help our efforts this coming year? Please become a Guardian of Nature 
monthly donor today. Your automatic monthly gift is a simple, efficient and most cost effective 
way to protect nature.
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