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Through its beautiful and elusive Canadian icon - the woodland caribou - and their passionate advocates, Billion Dollar Caribou will reveal that even in the 21st century, the conservation of natural spaces and the species that live there is much contested territory, mired in controversy, drama and debate. Click here to watch!

PLT: The first show aired last night (Thurs.). So please watch for a repeat! I'm also a day late posting the item, below. But, once again, please note the CBC always repeats the shows, both on CBC TV and CBC New Channel!

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Dear Larry, 
When I set out to become an environmental lawyer, I never imagined that I’d end up on national television.
But tonight, you’ll see me on The Nature of Things (8 p.m. on CBC TV), talking about Alberta’s dwindling boreal caribou herds, the struggles they face and how Ecojustice is trying to protect them.
Tune in tonight and learn how oilsands expansion is contributing to the decline of  caribou herds in northeastern Alberta. Some herds have declined by more than 70 per cent in the last 15 years.
That’s not all. More oilsands development also means more demand for risky pipelines, more emissions leading to climate change and more degradation of the air, water, and land we all depend on. This kind of unsustainable development is a recipe for disaster, and that’s why Ecojustice is committed to doing our part to slow oilsands expansion. We’re:
  • Exposing how toxic pollution from the oilsands can and should be traced back to its origin, ensuring that polluters are held responsible for the harm they cause;
  • Opposing mega pipeline projects like Enbridge’s Northern Gateway and standing up for Canadians’ right to participate in this critical conversation about our country’s energy future; and
  • Representing environmental interests at hearings for the proposed expansion of Shell Canada’s  Jackpine oilsands mine and the new Pierre River mine.
When it comes to protecting caribou and slowing oilsands development in northern Alberta, our work’s far from done. But thanks to your ongoing support, Ecojustice is able to use our legal and scientific expertise to push for sustainable solutions that protect and restore the environment we share.
So please, tune in to The Nature of Things tonight and see how you’ve helped us make a difference.

Melissa Gorrie
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