Bangladeshi Outrage - Will Anything Change?

  • P in P: Will the outrageous tragedy involving the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh change anything with regard to workers' rights? Of course not. Wasn't it just the other month when a horrific fire claimed over a hundred lives at another similar factory in that same country, with workers locked inside? That sure changed a lot of attitudes and practises, didn't it?
  • While cute little kids dance on Canadian TV, advertising Joe Fresh clothes which are made in these horrific sweat-shops, there is plenty of blame to go around. But greedy, soulless, heartless corporations like Joe Fresh, Walmart and Disney, including their hollow, despicable shareholders, surely must remain at the top of the blame-list. 
  • Instead of improving working conditions and pay for the world's poor, thus allowing them to buy clothing, ethically made in places which pay decent, livable wages, human society is on a downward escalator, on a relentless race to the bottom.
  • As long as cowardly lawmakers there and here at home run from their obligations, as long as the world continues to worship at the altar of capitalism, greed, free markets and globalization, nothing will change.
  • Below are a couple of interesting comments which have just appeared on the Joe Fresh Facebook page;
  • Bex L Alex Until Joe moves it's manufacturing operations to North America, takes financial and legal responsibility for worker's rights and safety, I will not be shopping there. Also, a Bangledeshi worker's life is worth more than a $250 settlement. Do the right thing. Stop being greed-driven, exploitive parasites. Own up, pay out and end exploitational practices. 
  • Naomi Clement I agree Bex, but we as consumers need to do our part as well, and stop expecting a t-shirt to cost less than $10.


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