Bee-Harming Pesticides Banned in Europe

The Guardian
EU member states vote ushers in continent-wide suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides. Details here.

PLT: Below is a comment I left in the comments section following this story in "The Guardian."
"Damn straight, the EU did right by banning these chemicals! They are a curse & a threat to both the natural world and the future of many human food crops! As a blogger and journalist, I've written extensively on this topic, chronicling the disgusting and shameful, do-nothing approach of my own Canadian government, which acts more like an agent for Bayer et al than a representative of real people. I'd invite you to read one of my articles on this topic which I wrote some time ago."
"Are Canada's Pesticide Regulators on the Take? Canadian Authorities Refuse to Protect Precious Pollinators From Known Toxins. Is Something Crooked Going on Here? "


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