Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Writer Knocks Manitoba Government for "Disgusting" Response to Arsenic Issue

Dear Editor:

Complacency about water safety thrives in Manitoba.

What are we putting into our water ?
PLT photo
We are putting toxic waste (poison) into our water. Toxic = dangerous, immediate or long term effects. In the absence of scientific research, no one should simply claim those products are safe and acceptable, then allow them to be discarded into a water source.

There is absolutely no legitimate government interest
fulfilled, by allowing arsenic, lead and other contaminants 
into a water source. Yet, that is exactly what is happening!
The town of Virden, Manitoba, for instance, has been issued 
a  licence by the province  to dump arsenic taken from the 
water treatment plant, into a surface water source, which
downstream, enters into the Assiniboine River.

The questions then that need to be answered are:
Why does government, the province of Manitoba 
condone and permit such a disdainful action?

Why are the long-term health risks from chronic exposure
to arsenic being ignored? Why are we being valued
as subjects, used in an experimental laboratory?

Why is this human impact allowed?

Why are people being complacent and not speaking
out on this travesty and mockery to our personal health 
and the health of water, the life blood of all living creatures.?

This is a shameful and disgusting act against humans
and our most precious resource. It's time that the
public retaliated; put aside its complacency, and 
started voicing  its opposition to the province. 

The government's lack of moral and humane principles 
must be challenged.  Arsenic is a deadly poison and warrants 
extreme respect, not defensive political bafflegab.

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