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Will You Help to Protect the Sage Grouse?

Dear Larry, It is like nothing you've ever seen before. This charismatic, five pound bird, with a spikey tail and a plump, brownish-gray body struts, swishes, pops and whistles. He puffs out sacs from his incredible white chest and erects his head back and forth in a beautiful dance trying to attract a mate. You’re seeing the Greater Sage-grouse and he is performing a ritual that has gone on for centuries, a ritual that could be lost forever,   if we don't act now . 

US ‘State Department’ Keystone XL Report Actually Written By TransCanada Contractor

grist a beacon in the smog The State Department’s “ don’t worry ” environmental impact statement for the proposed Keystone XL tarsands pipeline, released late Friday afternoon, was written not by government officials but by... Full story here. PLT: This needs to be called what it is. Fraud.   Please also read: The Unsung Victims of the XL Pipeline , here.