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Major Canadian Pork Processor, Olymel Hints at a Phase-Out of Gestation Crates - But Not for Awhile

The Manitoba Co-Operator Packer/producer's move ahead of revisions to code of care for pigs. Full story here.

Billion Dollar Caribou - Nature of Things - CBC TV

CBC - TV Through its beautiful and elusive Canadian icon - the woodland caribou - and their passionate advocates, Billion Dollar Caribou will reveal that even in the 21st century, the conservation of natural spaces and the species that live there is much contested territory, mired in controversy, drama and debate. Click  here to watch ! PLT: The first show aired last night  (Thurs.) . So please watch for a repeat! I'm also a day late posting the item, below. But, once again, please note the CBC always repeats the shows, both on CBC TV and CBC New Channel!

Dear Manitobans - Fracking May Well be Coming to a Neighbourhood, Town or Park Near You!

....and there will be "frack-all" you can do about it! Please read the Winnipeg Free Press article,  "Shale gas seen as possible new resource here," then watch and learn of this horrific practice on: CBC -The Nature of Things with David Suzuki - - Shattered Ground As reported in the  Winnipeg Free Press , exploration for shale in Manitoba is underway with the potential for the industry to develop within the next ten years. The potential shale formation runs from the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border to Treheme, including the Manitoba Escarpment, Swan Valley, the Porcupine Hills and around Riding Mountain. Province's geologists are (as of January 2012) four years into a study of the province's shale gas potential. Source: Mary Agnes Welch,  Shale Gas seen as Possible new Resource Here , Winnipeg Free Press, January 21, 2012, It is also reported in the news that Petroleum Services Association of Canada predicted 300 new fracke

Via Rail Passengers Stranded Near Unity, Sask. (& Video)

CBC SK:  Whiteout conditions are said to have contributed to the stranding of more than 150 people near Unity, SK since early yesterday. Details here. A wintry view from the train. Winnipeg to Toronto in Feb.'13. A PLT video. Please also read:  "Climate Change and the CNR. -  Are the two already on a collision course, with train travellers caught in the middle?"