Friday, 5 April 2013

Ban Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths, Say Some British MPs

Manitoba honey bees. PLT photo
The UK government should suspend the use of a number of pesticides linked to the deaths of bees, a committee of MPs has said. Full story here.

Desertification Too Important For Canada To Ignore - Suzuki

Photo Credit: Kevin Pluc

The federal government recently 
pulled out of an important global 
treaty: the UN Convention to 
Combat Desertification. It’s aimed 
at fighting drought, a problem that 
affects almost 30 per cent of Earth’s 
land surface and threatens the 
well-being of more than a billion 
people worldwide, including in our 
Prairie provinces. 

Every year, the cumulative effects of overgrazing, over-cultivation, deforestation, 
poor irrigation and increasing extreme weather events – including those that 
cause drought – permanently degrade close to 10 million hectares of land. 
This has led to a creeping loss of places where food can easily be grown.