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Have Our Servants Become Our Masters?

by Larry Powell There was a time when coal, oil and natural gas served us well; powering our vehicles, heating and cooling our homes, generating our electricity and keeping our industries going. While they may still be doing all of those things, there’s been a huge, even sinister shift over the generations since the industrial revolution of the 19 th century. The  Lac - Mégantic  Disaster.  Edmonton Journal photo World populations have skyrocketed, along with our expectations. Our lust for more and more of the things these fossil fuels can give us - electronic gadgets, power boats and quads - has turned into a life-threatening addiction.  Conservation and moderation are now dirty words. Consumption is the new religion – with no thought for tomorrow.  Sadly, even our schools and churches are doing little to counter this kind of mindset! Parents  are even drilling it into their children, at home.  Make no mistake. Fossil fuels, which once served us well,

Environmentalists Say Alberta Government Keeping Them Out of Oilsands Hearing

Edmonton Journal Alberta environmentalists argued in court Thursday that the provincial government is keeping them out of hearings on a proposed oilsands development at least partly because of their concerns about the industry. Details here.  

Are Weeds Healthier Than Farmed Veggies?

Mother Jones Here's why you might consider replacing that romaine salad with dandelion greens. Full story here. Please also read; Dangerous Ditches -  Manitoba’s “war on weeds” comes complete with powerful herbicides, questionable spraying practices and collateral damage.