Ahhh...That's Awful! That's Tetley! Please sign!

Recent reports disclose the horrific reality behind the Tetley tea empire --workers on plantations in northern India, including children, are paid less than $3 a day to pick our tea.

Boycott Tetley!

They toil from dawn until dusk, often spraying industrial pesticides with little protection, and going back to run-down homes that are open to rain and wind -- their only option. Researchers say that overflowing latrines have created “a network of cesspools” within the living area for employees and their families.
But the massive corporation that owns Tetley, Tata Global Beverages, is refusing to take serious action. Instead, it’s only committed to a weak, 15 year plan to boost the industry’s “sustainability” -- failing to acknowledge how bad conditions really are. We need to speak out and tell Tetley that the plan isn’t good enough, and 15 years is too long.


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