Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beekeepers in Ontario, Canada Reject Bee Health Report - Doesn't do Enough to Stem Pesticide Residues

Canadian Press

The Ontario Beekeepers Association says it can't endorse the final report from the Bee Health Working Group. Details here.

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PLT said...

This is such a predictable outcome. This government continues to show just how beholden it is to the pesticide-makers. It will continue to bend over backward to avoid the "b" word (ban). Never mind that priceless pollinators continue to pay the price. Lets tack on a few warning labels and recommend the use of a lubricant to supposedly cut down on the spread of harmful dust - a product which just happens to be made by Bayer, the same multi-national responsible for the bee-deaths in the first place! Justice, Canadian-style!

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